Saturday, April 30, 2011

What I'm doing on this Saturday Morning

Good morning, friends! Hope you have relaxing plans for this weekend. Here's what I am up to and what I'm planning...

~having girls night with my Mom and my daughter tonight: watching a movie and eating cupcakes together to celebrate Mom's 79th birthday...with roses!

~hoping to hear from some family and friends who received, in the mail, lovely vintage, homemade save-the-date surprises for my daughter's wedding! ♥

~getting ready for a close friend's bridal shower party tomorrow: packaging up the gift all pretty and deciding what to wear!

~creating my May calendar for Kate's 2011 Calendar Challenge!

~making some Paper Pumpkin goodies.

~being really really good about power walking and eating better because I am determined to lose the 8 pounds by the time Michelle's wedding day arrives!

~hopefully having an hour to do some art journaling, because it's been difficult to fit in lately...

~and praying for all who got hit by the terrible tornadoes down south...♥

* What are YOU up to this weekend?


Createology said...

Kathy this is a great list of weekend to-do's. Have a most wonderful weekend. Enjoying all the best time with family, friends and art.

laundrygirl said...

Sounds like a good weekend! I am doing stuff around the house like cleaning and grocery shopping. I'm also determined to finish a sculpture I have been working on the past 8 weeks... Have a celebratory time!