Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Celebrating Life...and 1999

 Thank you for your thoughts and prayers
when I wrote a few days ago
that I haven't been well.

I got test results
will soon be feeling much better!

 And now, to further celebrate:

It seems I am at 1999 sales on PaperPumpkin

 ...and that just won't do!

So, if you would like to be
my 2000th sale
you will get a free item
of equal or lesser value FREE!
Just write, in the message to seller box,
what you would like!
All my heartfelt thanks!
You are the best!

♥To get to PaperPumpkin.etsy, click here!


DancingMooney ♥ said...

If only I had more room on my board... Congrats on being oh-so-close to 2000 Kathy, and yay for good news from your tests too. ♥

Jeanette said...

Hooray for you, you'll soon be feeling better! Amen to answered prayers. Congrats on 2,000!!! The sun is shining down upon you.

Netty said...

So pleased you will soon start to feel better, that is good news.
Loving your journal page and those buttons are fab. Take care, hugs Annette x

Nancy said...

Congratulations on both levels....especially your health. I am so glad you are feeling better....and second on your almost 2000 sale....that is a milestone for sure....
Big hugs and smiles to you sweet girl....

Createology said...

You must be so relieved to know you will be feeling better very soon. Sometimes the unknown is the worst so I am glad you had testing done. Congratulations on your etsy sales. Love your journal with all of its pages of art and journey tales. Blissful inspirations...

lori vliegen said...

i'm so happy you received encouraging health news! keep taking good care of yourself!! i'm sending you 2000 choco-hugs to help you continue healing, sweet friend!! and hey, i think you're gonna feel LOTS better when that goodie from pottery barn arrives.....woo hoo!! let me know when you have it set up !! xoxox

Lynn Fisher said...

So glad to hear you're on the mend (hope it comes quick)
Your journal is beautiful...and your thumbtacks are inspired. Good luck on the big 2000!

Jennifer Richardson said...

happy dance over here
for your options opening up
to you....fresh options!
beautiful healing options:)

laundrygirl said...

Glad to hear that things are looking up! Congratulations on your wonderful thriving shop!

Lancerika said...

happy to hear the good news!
Cheers to your health :)
and sweet Etsy milestone!
Wish you a beautiful w'end :)
Great post :))))))))))

Anonymous said...

Glad you are feeling better. Sending you hugs.

Juls said...

Loving your page!! The layout and colours are just fabulous!!! Hugs Juls