Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Time for Nurturing now.

My apologies for not being around as much lately and for cropping out portions of this page...I don't like to keep such secrets, but with health stuff  I tend to be more private... so, not to complain, but to explain, I have never been considered to be a healthy person, and well, my body has an immune problem.  It keeps attacking itself. I get one auto-immune/ antibody-attack trouble after another. Each one seems to bother me more than the last.  {If any of you have this problem, feel free to let me know, and my prayers will be also with you!}.

I am still in the gray, listening and journaling in the gray, feeling hopeful but oh so very fatigued.

I am grateful for friends, family, and for physicians who are finally onto something.

I am grateful for the intense beauty of the full moon this past week.

I am thankful for the lighter evenings,

and that the Buffalo Sabres have had a winning streak after an awful losing streak this hockey season.

I am grateful for my books and papers and paints and pens all over my PaperPumpkin Room.

I am grateful for Ellie, my sweet little Toy Fox Terrior who gives me unconditional love.

I am thankful to have a cell phone again after mine died this week.

I am grateful to be home.

I am thankful it's the weekend.

Enjoy yours!
Love, kathy


Nancy said...

Kath, I am so sorry that you struggle with this issue; I know it must be very frustrating for you.....You are an inspiration
to me and you are always encouraging all of us to reach further inside of ourselves to be all that God has planned from the beginning....Your art reflects your heart and it's beautiful.....

I will be praying for you dear friend...

Createology said...

My prayers are with you Kathy dear. I am hopeful that the doctors will find some resolve for you as I know it has been a long tiring journey. Enjoy your weekend and yes the moon has been spectacular.

Lesley Edmonds said...

Hi Kathy,
Oh bless you dear girl, you are in my prayers.
I have Crohn's disease, also an auto-immune disease, and it took a good 14 months to diagnose but for the past year I have been receiving the correct treatment so on the whole feeling quite well - although there are still days....
so I understand the fatigue,stress,
weird symptoms and the worry about the unknown.
I shall keep you close in my prayers.
Enjoy your Sunday.
Lesley x

Linda R said...

So sorry to hear your news.. And here I was whining about a little cold. I will keep you in my prayers. I do love the way you try to see the brighter side of thing thing and are grateful. You are a special lady!!

Hugs, Linda

Cat said...

You are awesome. I will send prayers up for you. Autoimmune problems are so baffling.
I know your positive grateful attitude will help keep you strong.
I'm thankful it's the weekend TOO!!
XO, Cat

laundrygirl said...

I've been thinking about you and praying for you as well. Autoimmune issues are difficult both for the person with them and the doctors as they try to pin point and identify what is happening. Lupus runs in my family so it has always been a concern when any of us have issues that could also be a symptom (arthritis, inflammation, etc). I hope you will be able to have some sense of peace and are able to rest as you need to. I hope your weekend has been good.

Jeanette said...

I will keep you in my prayers. Take the very best care of you. And, please let us know if you need some extra "lifting up!". You are, no matter the color is always expressive and lovely. Best, Jeanette

Lancerika said...

Good morning deer firefly friend,
I admire your courage and determination
to go on despite all the health set backs.
Hang in there,sooner or later, your doctors
will find a way to get you feeling healthier!
Funny how things are, the house on top
of our mountain burned down to the ground,
and the owner was able to get out alive...
it makes you wonder how lucky we are
to stay alive no matter what...
Our loVe and best wishes to you:))

Jennifer Richardson said...

I am grateful for your
grateful heart
and I share your pain
of trying to soothe my body
"settle's really all
okay" when it doesn't believe me
and goes to war
without my permission:/
Tired sigh.
Hope color and light find your soul
just where you need them:)
loving and lifting you,

Ophelia said...

I hope that you are well, my friend. Take care of yourself. I can definitely understand when it is time to nurture somehow just happens. You be well, my sweet friend.

beth said...

i'm sending you a tender and warm hug that i think would make you grateful......xoox