Monday, February 20, 2012

Hope's Glow

...and the wonderful Promise held
when it's the first day of vacation!

Layers of paint and stenciling
and stamping and tape on this page.

Hoping to build layers of fun
mixed with relaxation during the week.

Can you tell how much
I have been looking forward to this?!

What do you look forward to doing
when you have free time?



Taylor schapiro said...

I am so glad you have some vacation days to rest and work on some art things. It must be so hard to be teaching and not feeling well. Love your layers here and the circles. Enjoy your week. Thinking of you. xx

Lynn Fisher said...

Ah, a little free time! I had little today myself...and I was baaaaad.
I had many Doctor appoinments, but when I was done I took myself for a quiet bit of journaling at Barnes and Noble, where I had a giant chocolate cup cake. Oh very nice.
I'm glad you have some time for creativity...great pages!

Createology said...

Enjoy every moment of your vacation and free time. Today I actually had an impromptu lunch with one of my friends and her husband I had never met. We talked and ate and enjoyed just being in the moment. Life is good and I wish for you the very best...

Linda R said...

Looks amazing.. I love to to the exact same thing... Hope you have a happy week!!!

Hugs, Linda

Mary said...

Love this page!,,