Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Love

Remember playing with the "Fortune Tellers"?

Thank you for your thoughts,
prayers and well wishes.

  You are sincerely the BEST.

Ummmm, do you think I married Michael for his cooking?
These rocked my world
this evening.
Garlic bread,
roasted red peppers,

oh my...

Happy Valentine's Day!



Ophelia said...

Yum!!!! Love it!! Hope your day was great!!!

Createology said...

I just love childrens sentiments and Valentines. How very sweet of Michael to make such a delicious treat to share. Happy Hearts to you...

Nancy said...

Does he give lessons to other husbands or do you loan him out to cook?...What a sweetie but then I am not surprised considering how special and sweet you are.....

Linda R said...

What a yummy post.. I do hope you had a great Valentines day!!

Hugs, Linda

Lancerika said...

delicious valentines!
Michael for sure knows
how to spoil you :)

Jennifer Richardson said...

sweet times celebrating
Valentines with bright
candy and schoolkids:)
so glad they loved on you
and did YOUR Valentine
ever do good
with those beautiful bites.
love, love,

DancingMooney ♥ said...

Oh man that looks amazing! And so easy too!! :)