Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Journal Page. Create!

I used a brown colored pencil
with a stencil to make the background squares...
like a garden trellis
to hold my growing hopes.

Some aqua fabric love from my PaperPumpkin.etsy shop
grows along the left side of this journal page.
I enjoyed playing with words...
criss-crossing them.

The healing power of just creating
is such a great gift!

It's not what you create,
it's that you do create!

Just do it.



laundrygirl said...

"It's not WHAT you create, it's that you DO create!"

Mary said...

You are right about creating. We were made by a creative God...and when we are not creating something...does no have to be "art" something is missing and we feel it.

Love the colors you used here!


Createology said...

Very true words. Your page is fabulous and so uplifting. Words and creating are very powerful indeed and how great that you combined the two harmoniously. Healing Hugs Dear...

Lynn Fisher said...

Hi the trellis idea...AND BEAUTIFUL colors. I'll bet you can't wait to get in the garden. You strike me as a garden I right?
thanks so much for dropping by Journal Addict today.

iHanna said...

Very sweet page, indeed!

DancingMooney ♥ said...

Beautiful Kathy! I love your thinking, just Create!! ♥

Lesley Edmonds said...

Such a creative page Kath :)

Jane said...

Wonderful message and the page is beautiful with the blues and browns! Happy weekend :)

Linda R said...

Now that sounds like the perfect quote.. Just create.. I LOVE it.. Your page look wonderful!

Jennifer Richardson said...

yes, a million times YES!
It's THAT you create:)
oh how I love the reminder
and send you grateful hugs!

Zena said...

Yes! You´re so right, I truly believe in the healing power of creating... and also in the healing power of WORDS

Your blog is fantastic. I have felt a sort of synchronicity while reading your posts. Thanks for sharing!