Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sketched Again

I used to draw and sketch every single day
when I was really young...for hours.
I haven't done much in years.
Sometimes I think about it.
Lately I've thought about it more.
Then, this morning, still in my jammies, I picked up my journal
and a pencil and just started.

I had seen a face in a fashion magazine a while back.
It was angular and very striking.
She had dark eyes and dark, really tousled, short hair.
I loved the photograph.

I don't like that I spontaneously
did a face on this particular painted background, be it.

It feels fun. Again.
Maybe I will add more pencil strokes later today
...when I get out of my pj's.

Have a lovely, lazy Saturday!


Lesley Edmonds said...

Oh wow Kathy, you have been hiding your talent for sketching. This is wonderful - please do more sketching - she is beautifully drawn.

Netty said...

She is looking wonderful, look forward to seeing her complete, x

Juls said...

wow your sketching is amazing!!! HUgs Juls

Createology said...

How exciting to see you sketching. This face is amazing...just like you. Why change from pj's on a nice lazy Sat? We have sunshine and lots of beautiful today.

Lynn Fisher said...

It's like the face is emerging from the page. I'd love to see this when sh'e done. In the mean time enjoy your lazy Saturday!

laundrygirl said...

beautiful sketch!

Jennifer Richardson said...

Kathy it's so beautiful
and especially on this background.
hauntingly beautiful.
there you go
inspiring me again:)

Nancy said...

How come I didn't know you had this talent? and a great talent it is....Love these sketches....

I also love the new look of your blog....Girlfriend, you have all kinds of changes going on and all good....

Jenny said...

She is beautiful Kathy... I love that she is peeking through the background... and I love to sketch in my jammies too...

Jenny x