Monday, March 19, 2012


This is what I was working on yesterday afternoon.
when the sky looked beautiful out my windows.
I wasn't feeling well, but this made me happy.

And this is where I struggle with what to write.

I don't want to sound mellow-dramatic,
but if this helps someone out there who is sensitive and allergic,
perhaps a loved one, that will be a good thing.

For those of who know me here, you know I haven't felt well
in quite a while. Breathing has been difficult
and by the time I found this little scrap, "inhale. exhale.", I was marveling
at how I found the perfect detail to add to my journal spread.

inhale. exhale.
Sounds so easy, but was growing so hard all of a sudden.

I glued it on...then felt all of my faculties leaving...
tissue paper body... lungs didn't work like I wanted,
scuba tanks by mistake filled with water, rather than air. 
My fingers turning purple.
my eyes...
twitching in my shoulders...
I was going unconscious.

epi-pen shot into thigh.
a mask filled with oxygen.

Antibiotics turned enemy.

If you have a sensitive loved one,
ask them if their epi-pen is current.

Mine expired, (from a mango allergy)
but it worked.




Amanda Fall said...

WOW--what a stunning page from such a terrifying time. I hope your breath comes light and easy today. <3

laundrygirl said...

Dang! I am glad you are ok. Scary story!
Take it easy my friend.

Vicki said...

I sure hope you start feeling better soon!
What a beautiful picture.
Take care of yourself.

Jen @Sadie Inspired said...

Oh my goodness...I am SO glad you are ok. I am sure that was so frightening. I hope you are feeling better very, very soon. You have the beginning of a beautiful page.

Createology said...

I am so relieved to hear you are better. Your page is sheer joy but your health is not. I do hope and pray for your improved health. Healing Hugs Cathy Dear...

E Makes Art said...

Oh my goodness!!!! I'm so glad you're ok!! Wow. How darn scary!! I pray you get better and better and are a picture of vibrant health soon!

You are amazing though, even when you're not well, you create such beauty! I'm so glad to have found you and thank you for your kind comment... it meant a lot coming from a talent like you!


Lancerika said...

As long as you keep on breathing,everything is going to be
all right...inhaling,exhaling nice and gentle, like when you will get better :)))))))
Now I'm scared to enjoy a delicious *mango*!
Your clouds remind me of softy, comfy,cottony pillows
to dream sweet...

Anonymous said...

so pretty!

Jane said...

WOW! I'm glad you're okay! The journal page is lovely ;)

Jennifer Richardson said...

oh sweet GRATEFUL
you had the epi pen!!!!
Oh honey, I understand
how hard it is
be be so fragile.
May they find just the thing
to open your lungs wide
Much, much love
and oxygen hope
to you,

Linda R said...

WOW!! What a scary story.. I scuba dive and that sounds so scary.

Your page is beautiful.. A good reminder never to take anything for granted.. Even a breath of air!!

Hugs, Linda

Lynn Fisher said...

Dear Kathy, I am so sorry to hear this. Such a lovely page and words so descrptive...of such a sad thing. I only have seasonal allergies (so I have a constant headache about NOW)...but my dear Aunt has environmental allergies and has to carry the epi pen everywhere. Sorry to hear you this kind of a isn't fun.