Monday, November 26, 2012


 I believe that miracles happen all the time.
One just needs to be open to them.

Miraculous gifts arrive at the most unexpected times.
I received some happy news,
so I am celebrating.

I am celebrating a brand new journal too,
which always means a brand new beginning.


And, I just realized that THIS is my 600th post!!
Something else to celebrate!

Thank you, follower friends and sharers of art journaling!


What are YOU celebrating?



Anonymous said...

What a great journal page!!! I had to gesso much of mine over...wasn't turning out as I pictured it in my mind ;( for celebrating.....well that would be the end of the semester!!!! One more week!! Congrats on your good news.

Mary said...

Love everything about this page!!! Celebrating with you...when can you fill us in?


Dawn Paoletta said...

Hooray! So inspiring!

Createology said...

I am celebrating the luxury of letting myself heal. Your new journal is joyful. Congratulations on your 600th post. Happy Celebrating Dear...

Jennifer Richardson said...

I'm celebrating another new morning
all the people I get to love
and let love me,
and the beautiful Spirit of Love
who covers and keeps us all.
Sending light and love
to you today, friend,

Martha Lever said...

LOVE this happy page!!! And love the buttons too. Congratulations on your 600th post!! Your journals are wonderful.

Valerie said...

Your post is making me smile. Congratulations on your 600th post! I am thankful for you and that you are blogging.

missy k said...

600 posts that is something to celebrate!!! I am very happy that you have received happy news.

I love the positive, happy feel to this page and the message.

A new journal is always a good feeling... what type do you use btw?

I'm celebrating because my dad is visiting (while my mum is visiting with her sisters) and we are having a lovely time together this week.


DancingMooney ♥ said...

Congratulations on 600 posts Kathy! You are wonderful, your blog is wonderful! ♥ Love the new pins in your shop too, so cute!!

Diana Taylor said...

What a wonderful journal page - so happy and positive - the colours are gorgous and the whole page is uplifting. A wonderful piece of work - you've brightened my day.

Tracy said...

Love the buttons! (I'm assuming they're buttons...) And yes, celebrate as many things as you can. Even the small things need to be celebrated.
I'm celebrating winning the giveaway on the last fall fearless and fly challenge :)

Linda R said...

What a wonderful and happy page. It brings a smile to my face.


Anonymous said...

i am celebrating life and all the joys in all its twists and turns