Sunday, November 25, 2012

Security :: Fall Fearless Challenge


Inspired by the Fall Fearless and Fly Challenge:
"What makes you feel safe and secure?
Where do you go for comfort and refuge?"

Colors: cool blues, greens...

as with the last challenge prompt of triumphs and defeats,
I discovered that these feelings come from within,
rather than from outside or from a place.

Maybe I just think too much,
but life changes so much and
so frequently
and people and things thought
to be safe and secure and permanent...
often and unexpectedly.
I have my Self and God for deep security.



Createology said...

Wise words dear Kathy. Your journal is such a window into your soul and very precious indeed. Blissful...

Cat said...

I agree completely.

: )

Jennifer Richardson said...

i can SO relate to how you feel
and also crave the greens and blues
...this touches my heart
in ways I don't even understand.
i'm so grateful that i can come here, Kathy:)
thanks for making your blog
such a welcoming place,

Jennifer Richardson said...

i so relate to what you write
and the greens and blues
and am so grateful that i can
come here, glad
you made this space
that feels so like home to me:)

Anonymous said...

you have become very reflective in your posts recently, and i like it!

Anonymous said...

"Security is a sacred gift"...amen to that!! If only every child could have such a gift!! I love your 'call security'....very clever. The worst part about 'growing up' for me was 'change'....I had a hard time adjusting to how things never ever stayed the same...except for Christ...and that keeps me at peace now with a shifting world. Love your page and introspections.

Linda R said...

I would have to say I also find my security in my faith in God. I totally and completely trust I am where I am suppose to be. At this time. And when I doubt that I pray.

I do hope you have an awesome week my friend.


Anna Murfield said...

I am new to your blog I found you through Mar'y Splendid adventure blog. You commented that you like blogging because you are shy and this gives you an outlet. I wanted to follow you because I feel the same was, as a girl who is on the shy side herself blogging is away for me to connect with the world. I am excited to see what your blog shares!

missy k said...

A beautiful page.... and I loved reading your words


Introverted Art said...

I have found that my husband is my refuge. He gives me comfort and makes me feel safe.