Thursday, November 22, 2012

Overwhelming Gratitude... truly what I feel.


Thank you, follower friends,
for your more-than-understanding when,
on my last post, you
poured out support.
I gathered strength from you
and I truly am overwhelmed with all kinds
of mushy love and gratitude.

And I am grateful for the learning that goes on when we fall.

We all fall


But we are never alone.



Jenny said...

More beautiful pages Kathy... and heartfelt words... gratitude is a wonderful thing... and yes... being grateful for the learning is a gift... I needed to read that today... thank you...

Jenny ♥

Valerie said...

Kathy, these pages and your writing are beautiful in every way. I am thankful for you, your art, and your encouragement!

Createology said...

Beautiful my friend. Gratitude is such a gift that each of us has the power to use every day. Loving Hugs...

Anonymous said...

What we consider failures, God looks at as opportunities. We are always where God wants us to be...even though we may wonder where that is ;) I love this journal spread. BTW..I use an 12 x 13 spiral bound sketchbook that I get from Walmart...I just love them..I use the smaller ones for my zentangles. Some say the paper is of a lower quality but I don't care...I always prep with Gesso so it doesn't matter. I need all that space to create ;) it always lays flat. Enjoy your weekend!!

missy k said...

Beautiful words beautiful page


Jennifer Richardson said...

hugs and love:)

Cathee said...

Love your journals!