Friday, July 9, 2010

Little Garlic Faces

Once upon a walk

I spied these little guys. And I thought they looked like little trolls or perhaps elves...and they should have little faces on them.

My neighbors may have thought I really cracked this time, so instead of drawing faces on them.... I drew them.

Now I can keep them all the time. Little garlic heads.
Wishing you happy smiling little elves and garlic if you like! Happy Friday all!
{Tomorrow is a big day in our family....more to come!}


Rebecca Anthony said...

Both the photos and your pages are beautiful. They little garlic's are so special and I would like to see them each day as I walk too!

Createology said...

How super clever of you to not only see these little cuties but to draw them in your beautiful journal. Happy creating...

Marilyn said...

I love your little garlic faces and your drawings of them - your journal is beautiful

laundrygirl said...

Nice drawing! I could instantly see faces on them when I read your post!
Happy Friday! Have a great weekend.

Jennifer Richardson said...

I love the way you look at things? What beautiful eyes you have:)

lori vliegen said...

oh my goodness.....these absolutely need sweet little faces!! they already have cute little hats.....ooooh, i would love to see a precious smile on those plump little garlic bodies!!! (and may i just say that i LOVE the way you've drawn them....fabulous!!). xoxo, :))

Lancerika said...

Totally agree with Lori,
these little guys are magical,
and look AwEsOmE on your journal!
Peace+LoVe to my deer firefly