Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Book of Love

I hope that sometime soon you will try to find
Peter Gabriel's song, "The Book of Love",
and listen to it online.

Tell me if it makes you weak in the knees and touches your heart
and has you singing,
all at once.
I'm hooked.


Nancy said...

You're right, great your journal page...georgeous colors and great compostion....
So glad you've had a good day.....

bricarwaller said...

It's a work of art:)

Kolleen said...

that song is one of my favorites!!!
love that you posted about it!!!

music for the soul....that is for sure!!



That is a great song, I just love the colors in your page you created, did you take a pink colored sponge to place the color on all three strips to make the piece more united, its lovely, the colors work so well together.

laundrygirl said...

I listened to that song on YouTube. The video I saw with it combined with the beauty of the song made me want to cry. I LOVE Peter Gabriel. He is amazing.
Here's the link to what I saw:

Boonie S said...

I hate to be picky but I prefer The Game of Love by Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders. I think you might like it too. If you can’t find it on YouTube please contact me and I’ll be happy to sing it to you:
“The purpose of a man is to love a woman,
And the purpose of a woman is to love a man,
So come on baby let's start today, come on baby let's play
The game of love (love), love (love), la la la la la love” – etc

Have a nice day, Boonie

Jane said...

Hi Paper Pumpkin! Beautiful page; thanks for sharing. And THANK YOU for commenting on my blog. I'm SO glad you like Collage Journeys! I'll post more pictures of my Vermont workshop in the next day or two. I got some gorgeous photos from a couple of the students.
Keep creating!

Jennifer Richardson said...

writing it down......
Love your journal page.
Always do:)

Mary said...

lovely journal page. I'll have to listen to it.
How's school going??

Lancerika said...

Wish for you to *feel genuinely happy
today and the
tree branches on
your page!so happy you
Another great song from Mr. Gabriel.
Two of my absolute favorites are "In Hiding" from 1969,with Genesis.
And the version of " Here Comes The Flood" from 1978 with Robert Fripp.
Have FuN this w'end:))

Ophelia said...

Love your journal page!!! I too will have to find this song and have a listen!