Friday, September 17, 2010

Books & Pampering

Well, I just finished up my first full week with new students (day #9 of school). Today I felt like I really had that first deeper connection with them. We shared different types of giggles and feelings and lessons, like we were really getting to know one another. I think that when I read aloud to them, after lunch, that's when I really connect.

I love reading to children because I can use voices and lots of drama and expression. I hold them in suspense and get louder, with hand movements galore...and then whisper. I love it. Yesterday and today it really caused quite a stir. Not one of us wanted this time on the rug with a good chapter book to end, but alas, there's math to do, too!

Anyway, after working 10 hour days, this teacher is ready for some good old fashioned pampering. Since my illness has forced me to give up coffee, tea, chocolate and wine, I indulge myself with my very favorite handmade goodness from Dancing Mooney. Yep, beautiful soaps and yummy exfoliating body polish (new!) are making my days a whole lot better! Here's my favorite (so far):
Himalayan Pink
I can't eat many fruits anymore, but I can enjoy the scents, and boy do I ever! Himalayan Pink, a DancingMooney original and a keeper (!) is like a piece of freshness and juicy grapefruit heaven with a surprise kick.

And now I just discovered (an hour ago) that Janell Mooney has BASIL LIME:

and LAVENDER MINT soaps in her shop!! ♥

So, I am off to order again. I'm beyond excited: lime basil!

(Or should I use my Ginger Peach? Hmmmmm.)

Well, my car broke down after work again today and I was stranded, so...anything goes!
Body polish... pumpkin spice... ♥

I need some pampering!
Don't you? Janell has jewelry and sugar scrub cubes and art...AND she sends them wrapped all sweetly, right out to your friends and family for a perfect no-stress gift of love!

Can you tell I'm happy to have discovered DancingMooney.etsy two years ago?!!



Marilyn said...

After a long busy day that ended with car problems I agree that you needed some pampering. I can understand the children loving the reading time with you, it would be magical.

DancingMooney ♥ said...

Oh Kathy, you are so good to me! I just don't know what I'd do without you sometimes. ♥

My favorite teacher ever, was my 3rd grade teacher, and the reason I loved her so much, was for the time she read to us after lunch.

go figure. You are something special Mrs. Kathy, You!!

beth said...

i say spoil yourself any fabulous way you can....
and if you smell good afterwards...well, what a plus !!!

{your sense of humor cracked me up tonight....mary kay/husband's truck.....LOL}

curious girl (lisa) said...

ah there is no sweeter work than reading aloud to children. pamper yourself. you deserve it.

Jennifer Richardson said...

You give up those things
with such a grand attitude!!
I'm inspired by your
moving, moving, moving
And with such grace
and beauty!
Grateful to and for you
for the tweaking of my
own attitude:)

Martha Lever said...

Hi Kathy,
I understand your love for teaching and reading to children I used to teach 4th grade and I absolutely love those little ones--every one of them--even the challenging ones. You have had a hard time and I am so glad you have found some simple pleasures! Boy do I ever love a good soak in a sweet smelling tub full of water!!! I am heading over there to DancingMooney right now. oxox

beth said...

shoot...why can't i find your email address....
will you send it to me again, please :)

lori vliegen said...

i nice bubble-bath-body-polish-soak is definitely in order after such a long week!!! so glad you're pampering yourself, sweet pea!!! i hope you have a lavender-mint-ginger-peach kind of weekend!!! xox, :))

Lancerika said...

Totally agree with lori!
you deserve lots and lots of
luxurious pampering with
those *delicious soaps*
and so much more..wish you
a sweet,calm weekend :))

Ophelia said...

Ahhhhh.....seems just what we need after a day with students! I'm so glad your year is going well!

Createology said...

Pamper yourself until you are reading and doing math again with the little students. I would love to be in the room as you read with so much interest to them. Happy pampering...

Rebecca Anthony said...

Sorry about your car, there is never a good time for car trouble! These beautiful soaps look heavenly!! There is nothing like a hot bath with an aroma of your choice. Enjoy!