Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Little Tour...

...through my classroom and my school! Come in! Come in! Open House isn't until Thursday evening, but you can take a peek early because you are special.

This is how it started a few weeks ago:

Then I began to unpack my boxes and set up my room before the first day of school:

I am in the new part of the elementary building, so I have to admit that I call my second grade classroom "the suite". It's the biggest classroom in the whole district. It happened that I got put in here a few years ago because there was no room for me anywhere else, and I LOVE it.

Now, let's walk down the hallway...toward the art room:

Don't you just LOVE the way one color blends into the next one? ♥
But, it gets better:

This is one of my best friends:

He's bigger than me and was created by a high school student three years ago. Let's just say, that if he fit into my car, he'd be on my bed right now.
Hope you enjoyed your visit. Please come again soon. You could bring cupcakes. ♥


Vickie said...

I have a pickup truck, would that help? Of course I can't guarentee that I wouldn't take him home either! He's adorable and i love the walk to the artroom. How happy it all seems! Thanks for the tour.


Those drawings on the wall in all different colors are beautiful, they do really blend nicley!

Marilyn said...

Thank you for this tour of your school and the wonderful art work. my daughter would love your room, she teaches is a low decile school in a low socio/economic area so the school doesn't have rooms anywhere as nice as this but she and the children brighten it up.

Mary said...

this was so much fun to see!! Kathy thanks for sharing your room! I used to always want to be a teacher. I love all the supplies and stuff that goes along with teaching. :)

Gina Lee Kim said...

So this is where all the magic happens! Sculpting young minds...and fostering a love for art :)

Jennifer Richardson said...

makes my heart sing!
What an honor you've been given
to be entrusted with so mUcH!!!

DancingMooney ♥ said...

Oh my gosh, that art wall just brings a leap of joy to my heart! You are such an amazing woman Kathy, and what a blessing to have such an awesome space to teach those young souls... ♥

tears of joy... right here.

okay, maybe I'm feeling a little mushy today, but still... just touches my heart.

Suziescards.etsy.com said...

How colorful & inspiring.
Fabulous environment for your little scholars to live & learn in!
Thanks so much for sharing with us..
I'm thinking I'd like to spend some time in your classroom!

Erin Butson said...

Love this tour! Thanks Kathy, now I can picture you in your classroom. It's HUGE! so nice...

laundrygirl said...

Oh I love the giraffe but what makes my heart melt are the walls filled with portraits. I love it!

Lancerika said...

*AwEsOmE Open House*
love *the suite* and the
art room!lucky kids:))