Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day

I am not really celebrating Labor Day in the traditional way of picnics, the fair, a BBQ, or relaxing with a cool drink. I am getting ready for tomorrow when I will greet 23 new children into my life! 23 kids I haven't even met yet but that will impact upon me and one another in a meaningful and hopefully memorable way.

{It's really quite amazing that we always have room for more in our hearts, isn't it?}

Last night, though, when the fireworks were going off at the Fair 1 1/2 miles away, Michael, Ellie, and I walked out into our backyard for a spectacular view! In the total darkness, the greens, golds, silvers, and purple-blues lit up the sky like giant sparklers. It felt like it did when I was a kid, only better.

A lot of things lit up my summer vacation. ♥


Anonymous said...

Oh yay! I love it when we get to see fireworks from our own backyard, up in the sky... so cool. We have a minor league baseball filed not far from here, that we see works coming from now and then... always fun. ♥

And Kathy, my friend, you have the biggest heart I know... enjoy your new little ones tomorrow. I am thinking of you!


Ophelia said...

Love your pages!!!

Jennifer Richardson said...

Love these pages...especially the fireworks!
And pulling for you this year
...those kiddos have been given the
gift of a lifetime
in you.
23 of them
...makes me think of Psalm 23;
as if this is gonna be the year
He shows you His face as your
shepherd. He's a good one:)

bricarwaller said...

Aren't fireworks the best? I love them, I'm thrilled to have birthday in July and my oldest son's b-day is right around the 4th, I think to have fireworks on your birthday would be the best. Love you're pages.

Nancy said...

It's amazing just how much our hearts can expand, isnt it....I am so glad you have had a wonderful vacation....those little kids are so blessed to have you for their teacher....I pray this will be a wonderful year for you in all ways.....

lori vliegen said...

i hope that your first day of school is as vibrant and creative as these beautiful journal pages! have a great day tomorrow!!!! xox,:)))

Lancerika said...

The purple-blues page
gives a *magical feel*..
You will have this chance to help
shape 23 young minds:))
Best Wishes for the School year!

Kolleen said...

wishing you a wonderfully magical day tomorrow with your 23 sweet little souls!!

they are fortunate to have you guide them day in and day out!!


Anonymous said...

oh i always loved preparing for the first day back at school. i miss teaching in school.

Christine said...

Great page! And yes - it is amazing. I hope you have lots of fun - all of you :-)

Createology said...

Sounds like you spent a wonderful Labor Day in a very special way. New students to come, working in your journal and fireworks right from your own backyard. Happy week ahead...