Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gearing Up

My classroom at work is packed into boxes.
My house has boxes of goodies to take to my classroom. Boxes, boxes, boxes.
I am getting myself psyched to get up early tomorrow and go to unpack.

Soon, summer will be boxed up...
and back-to-school Fall will be all opened up.
What a change from my roll-with-it July & August, huh?!
Changes are inevitable, though, and very often good.
Wishing you the best Thursday.


Nancy said...

Love the journal page, the colors are beautiful and I love that stamp you carved......
I hope you have a fantastic start to the new school year and that this is the best school year yet.....that you will be blessed beyond measure.....

Boonie S said...

Carry on boxing!
I love your artistry.
I wish you all the best too.

Mary said...

Classes have already begun here in GA. What grade do you teach????

I love this time of year because it points to cooler weather!!!! I am wilted from the summer's heat!!!

Jennifer Richardson said...

Happy travels with your boxes
and prayers that you'll find
happy unexpecteds tucked away
just for you in each one you open.
Kisses from heaven:)

laundrygirl said...

I used to work at a high school. I absolutely LOVED it! One of my favorite parts was getting ready for the kids to come back. I was an assistant to the Dean of Students and did 'back to school' things like make locker assignments and coordinate class schedules and prepare for the opening assembly. It was a small private high school so we'd label the lockers with the names of each student so that for the first week or so they'd be reminded of where they were to place their stuff. It always felt like preparing for something really important and I loved the feeling of welcoming them back after what felt like a long summer (especially after working in an empty school for 2 months).

Juliette Crane said...

what an exciting time! best wishes to you!

xo, juliette

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a beautiful day too Kathy! Have fun unpacking! ♥

Gina Lee Kim said...

I love this page too!
Do the boxes mean summer is coming to an end? (big sigh)