Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekend Journaling Process

I did this two-page spread in my lori journal over the weekend. I haven't shown my process, such as it is, in a while, so by request { thank you!} I will show my steps. Here it is completed, however.First, I painted with my fingers and an old gift card, using Liquitex Light Portrait Pink and Bright Aqua Green, with some white.

Then, I decided to add some vintage lace, using Golden Soft Gel Matte as an adhesive. Oh, it stuck wonderfully... I dabbed white paint using Punchinella for the dotted pattern.I then added some more lace to the left side, and some collage pieces that made me feel inspired. When I stuck that pretty colorful piece in the very center, it seemed to stick out too much, so I then doodled to continue the paper's pattern onto the page with paint and markers. This blended the pieces into the whole nicely, I thought.I stamped interesting images with permanent black ink and then doodled some darkness with sketches made using black gellyroll markers. I sprayed black ink and added more of the Pink Paint to make this flower...
...and scrawled some more darkness and branches.
I liked the contrast of gentle pinks & greens with jet black raw scratchiness.

Here's a completed close-up of the left hand page:

And here is the completed close-up of the right hand page:

I hope you have enjoyed this. I loved creating it. I kept walking away from it and returning later. It didn't happen quickly like some pages do. It took the weekend... with life in between!
Hope your weekend was flavorful and blessed. Thank you for enriching mine!


Marilyn said...

This is brilliant Kathy and thank you so much for showing your process. I so wish that i could be one of your pupils as i would love to start journaling but lack faith in myself! I wish you all the best for the new teaching season. here in NZ the school/study year starts at the end of January, it seems so different for you to be starting your's now.

Kolleen said...

thank you for sharing your process....i LOVE it!!!

I LOVE the colors and the images that are intertwined with your words!

beautiful Kathy!!


red-handed said...

I always enjoy the process. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Kathy, for showing us the process. I must show it to my daughter who is so much into all things art and crafts.

Jennifer Richardson said...

Absolutely amazing.
When you show how it's done,
I feel like I'm watching Julia Child
make something yummy
and I'm drawn into the process
with joy!

Nancy said...

Oh you clever girl...beautiful pages and love seeing the process.....I learn something everytime I visit you....

Boonie S said...

This is amazing. I'm going to get Mrs S onto it immediately.

All the best, Boonie

Gina Lee Kim said...

Phenomenal, lovely journal page! Every beautiful building stage is inspiring.

Thank you for your comment on my blog meant so much to me and to the rest of us. Hugs!

Rebecca Anthony said...

Wonderful pages they are full of movement! Gorgeous colors too!!

lori vliegen said...

your pages are fabulous, kathy!! and i loved seeing your fun to put that paint on the page using your fingers!!! woo hoo! thank you for sharing your creativity with're always an inspiration!!! xox, :))

beth said...

could you use sheets and sheets of scrapbook paper that i don't need anymore?

send me your snail mail if you want it :)

taylor said...

Ooh I love those colors together.


The colors and textures all work so well together, how do you even begin to visualize what you should do, it seems so complex? Beautiful work!

Sandy said...

What a beautiful blog you have!!!
Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog (Myfiddlestix) I have to admit, comments keep me going sometimes.
And I hope your morning glories produce Soon!

Lancerika said...

Soft and delicate feel..
what a fantastic art journey
my firefly friend,
your new students are going to
be delighted with
inspiration and beauty..
Art is the way..

Zom said...

It is wonderful. So much happening yet all holding together beautifully. I too love the scratchy black with the gentle colours and lace.

Happy1234 said...

This is so nice - the colours are perfect together and the lace finishes it off really nice.

Christine said...

I love this spread (and wauw - you are so productive! I so admire this).

Thanks for sharing your process :-)