Monday, August 30, 2010

In Work Mode...

...and journaling about it.

This was done Sunday night, and here I am, back at home after a very productive day in my classroom.

Everything that has arrived, has been unpacked.

Most bulletin boards are done, and the rest are started.

It's cleaner.

I made changes around the room to reflect the changes in me lately.

And, I got really excited today! I think I have anticipatory anxiety.

I'm fine once I am there and doing what it is I do.

You know?

♥ Hoping that your back-to-school, back-to-writing-more-lists, and focusing going well!


Erin Butson said...

Hi Kathy,

It sounds like things went well today. After two weeks in school I feel so much better, more at peace, rid of anxiety, working my tail off, but so much better. I hope your class is a really good one this year. XOXO

beth said...

organization and "ready to go" feels so good !

Marilyn said...

Yes I can understand this feeling, all the planning and thinking and organising you must have done but then I am sure all is right at the time.

Boonie S said...

This is a jolly post, and I jolly well like it!
I wish you a jolly good day.

All the best from Jolly Lovely Boonie and his jolly fashion conscious wife

ching said...

wow. awesome list. very creative.

Fickle Cattle said...

That's a journal? It's very pretty.

Also, putting "relax" on your list is cool.

Christine said...

Ahh, yes - focus :-)
Love this

Anonymous said...

I have a to-do list type note pad that's called 'my week' and it starts on Monday and ends on Sunday, and I've decided it's time I start writing the important things down that I need to get done each day.

I always try to be realistic, and if I don't get something done I don't fret, but being able to see what I'm doing on paper, and crossing stuff off as I finish, makes me feel more on track.

ha! lists, I love lists... I have them everywhere. ♥