Friday, October 29, 2010

Almost Halloween and Happy Friday!

This week went so quickly, I can't believe it's Friday again already. But I sure am excited!
It was an exhausting week for me. I have to admit that I continue to struggle with my health. For some reason, I am feeling profoundly fatigued. Not sure why, but I am a I made a decision to go off of my 3-times-a-day uro drugs (to rebuild my diseased bladder wall)that I have been taking for 4 months to see if they are what make me so tired.
I am very sensitive to all things, so it's possible that the meds themselves make me over-the-top exhausted. We'll see this weekend. It's my experiment, but I HAVE to know. My quality of life is dimished by fatigue, not just the lingering pain, so, maybe I need to juggle.
Balance in all things...That seems to be my mantra this year!
Have a fun Friday!
Are you getting ready for treat-or-treaters? What kinds of decorations do you have up?
I still need to carve my pumpkins.
I think I'll do some on-line searches for scary and fun stencils for jack-o-lanterns.
Maybe a Haunted House one this year?


Teri Leigh said...

I hope you can figure out what is making you so tired. It is really tough to go through your days feeling that way. Blessings on the weekend ahead :)

Mary said...

Praying you find a balance with the medications, and that the fatigue and lingering pain diminish - not your quality of life.

Grace and peace

Lancerika said...

We really hope you feel better
after your experiment deer K,
if you have to juggle,we are
sure you will do it well.
Sleep lots and take it easy!
Treat-or-treaters will have
to walk up a half mile up
a dark mountain road to only
one house!
We don't expect anyone except
Witches,Ghosts and Goblins!
Happy FuN Halloween:))

Jennifer Richardson said...

I'm a lightweight
when it comes to
all things chemical, too.
I never take the entire
prescribed dose of anything,
and with helpful results.
Praying that solutions find you:)

taylor said...

Hope you feel better soon. It is k no fun being tired especially when you are around children. Have a great Halloween with your little one.

Bevie said...

Hope you are feeling better and you find the answer to the fatigue. I suffer with Chronic Fatigue associated with Fibromyalgia so I can empathize with you sweetie..I'm holding you in prayer things get better!!! Bevie

beth said...

i have been experimenting, too....
i lowered my drug dosage and started adding in some all natural things....aloe vera juice and papaya enzyme tablets.....

i think we have to do what we feel is right for our bodies and i think about you so often.....

warm hugs !!