Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Warm Orange

And here is what I think is yet one more little miracle of nature.
Remember my yellow hibiscus?
Well, it is a tropical plant but it won't give up,
even out in the frosts we've had!
AND, it turned ORANGE!

A storm front is moving in, any minute now, blowing cooling rain on us all, but who cares?
We have warm orange!



laundrygirl said...

Now this puts me in the mood for fall! So beautiful!

Createology said...

Oh Kathy these oranges are just peachy dreamy. Beautiful photos thank you for sharing. Now stay inside warm and safe and enjoy a spot of tea or cocoa.

bricarwaller said...

That's very cool that your hibiscus turned orange. Aren't mums so pretty. My hibiscus are still hanging in there also, but it was 91 degrees today, so I guess they may be around for little while longer.

Bevie said...

Don't you just love ORANGE??? I sure do, and it's really awesome that the hibiscus turned Orange...amazing!!! love your blog hon...