Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bold Layering Fun

I was in the mood for black and white and grays for a change.
I taped, painted, layered papers, and used stencils from Crafters Workshop.
Words haven't been added yet, and I may even add some more layering,
but here is a sneak peek.
It's a bit more bold than I usually work, but I imagine I needed a change today for some reason!
I'll show you again when it's finished and written upon. Thanks for looking!

Here is my new shipment from Now I just have to sit down so I can read!
The weather is just perfect today: sunny and warm with no crazy wind.
It's a far cry from last week's wintery cold and stormy weather, so Ellie and I took a long walk together.
We smelled of fresh air!♥



Martha Lever said...

Fabulous page spread, Kathy!!! I love it!!!
Looks like some fun reading too.
Happy day!

Nancy said...

I love what you did with these pages; I am very partial to black and classic

Great books too....let us know what you think after you read them....

Mary said...

Kathy, I love, love, love that journal spread. As much as I love color, I am drawn to pages such as yours!!!! I would like to do a whole journal in dark shades like that. Hmmm, think I will!!

Hope you are feeling well!!

Createology said...

Your pages are very subtle yet bold with the blacks, grays and whites. I really like them. Looks like a couple of good reads and some fun ahead. Happy 10.10.10 to you...

Lancerika said...

Chic black+white+grays,
always so elegant...
loving your sneak peek
Change is good.
glad that still is 10/10/10
in blogland.
Happy reading!and have FuN!