Thursday, October 14, 2010


There is so much beauty in the simplest of nature's gifts.
What did you discover on your last walk?

Thank you dear blog friends for your thoughts and prayers and for visiting me here.

It warms my little heart that you take the time from your busy day to stop in, it really does.

5 comments: said...

Fall is my favorite season & is when I enjoy walking outdoors the most.
Beauty surrounds you & is everywhere you look.
Next week, my husband & I leave for a week in Maine; although a long drive, we spend hours in the car pointing out all the breathtaking foliage.
I so agree with much beauty in nature's gifts to us all.

Marilyn said...

The gift that I found today was the perfume of jasmine growing wild in a hedge that I walked past on my way up town - and the gift of smell so that I could enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

my daughter and i went for a quiet stroll just after sunrise this morning, and we found time to smile and enjoy each other's company in the midst of the beauty of nature.

thank you for your visits and kind words.

lori vliegen said...

i discovered a snake off in the distance during my last walk.....and i also discovered that my legs could move a lot faster than i thought they could as i was running in the other direction.....yikes!!! happy weekend to you, sweet pea!! xox, :))))

Jennifer Richardson said...

Millions of them.
Pelted by them!
Loved every thump on my head:)