Sunday, October 17, 2010

Favorite Cake of ALL Time

...and it needs no frosting! I LOVE it.
{If you can't read the recipe up top and you would like it, let me know!}
Michael made it for me this weekend.


Erin Butson said...

Hi Kathy,
I tried to post a comment yesterday,but it wouldn't let me (just so you know).I hope this one works... anyway.
yum! This cake looks great and a husband to bake it too?!?my kind of cake.
So glad you are focused at work. I hope all of your hopes for this school year coming true.
I love your journal pages below. i alwys do. WHat kind ofjournal do you use? Anything special? I'm praying that God will keep you focused and full of joy in your classroom + life. xoxo-erin

Jennifer Richardson said...

Now I've gotta go back
and get a snack.
No...nothing will do
but that gorgeous cake.
Yes, sweet Kathy,
would you please post
the recipe so that these
tired eyes can read and follow
the path to that apple awesomeness:)
Thanks and happy munching,

Lancerika said...

Deer K,
I would love to try this
delicious apple cake too!
would you send it to me?
There are so many beautiful
variety of apples in western NC.
Hope you are feeling much stronger

Marilyn said...

Your cake looks and sounds wonderful but sadly I can't enlarge your photo of the recipe to be able to read it.

PaperPumpkin said...

I will post the recipe this evening after work! Thank you, and have a lovely day! happy Monday!♥

Createology said...

YummO is how good your cake looks. I wish I could feel the warmth and smell the aroma of such a delicious cake. How very thoughtful of your Michael to make it for you. I am happy you are going to post the recipe as I must make this cake. Happy apple eating...