Saturday, October 23, 2010

Full Moon and This Teacher's Prayer

The moon's golden glow spread out so far that I was spellbound late last night.

It was such a peaceful way to end a difficult week. I love happy endings.

Hope your Autumn Weekend is peaceful, promising, and restful for your heart, soul and body.
~Kathy xo


Catalina Glass said...

The hardest children to reach are those that need you the most! As a second grade teacher, I've been using some strategies from the book, Teaching with Love and Logic. I love your beautiful journal entries!!

Createology said...

Hi Kathy: I too love the bright full beautiful moon and love to look at it all during the night. Your journal page is perfect...the little boy with his hand outstretched saying "teach me". Happy relaxing weekend to you my dear...

lori vliegen said...

i am just as mesmerized by your fabulous journal pages as i am by that full moon! they're both beautiful....and so are you, sweet wonderful teacher!!! xox, :))

Createology said...

I forgot to tell you that our deer are vorasiously eating everything they can reach. We have had more than ever before and we even had them walk up some walled concrete steps to access our newly "fenced in" back yard where we were hoping to enjoy flowers and hostas next year. I just remind myself that they were here first. :o)

Jennifer Richardson said...

Hope you're being
refreshed and refueled
even as I write this.
I've been soothed by
the moon this weekend,
Such a beautiful peace.
Thanks for sharing,

Lancerika said...

just went outside to see the moon
and is shinning so bright!!
you are my kind of teacher :)

beth said...

oh i love that journal page !!!
really love it !