Monday, October 11, 2010

Not Always Black & White

In this journal, the pages are different sizes. Below, you can get an idea of how these B & W pages that I just did are actually smaller in width than the maroons behind. I love this!

Still in my B & W mood
(maybe because of Halloween sights around, or because Michael is always playing music?),
I created more tags.
PaperPumpkin was low on paper products {oh my!}.
I can't let my fabric obsession overtake paper...!♥

But life is not always black & White, even in our views. Here's a little vintage color. Enjoy!
{And thank you, Christopher Columbus. You made a whole lot of blunders, but I really needed this day off. }
Hope you all are enjoying your Monday, too!


Createology said...

Beautiful pages and tags my dear. Enjoy a spot of tea and relax on this day off for you. Happy week ahead...

Cat said...

Lovely music tags and beautiful journal pages!
You make such good art!
Enjoy your day off!

Marilyn said...

Fabulous journal pages - I love them!

Lancerika said...


Jennifer Richardson said...

LOVE the musical tags!!!
Love it all.
Grinning over your Columbus comment:)
I enjoy you so!

taylor said...

Love the black and white pages- especially the one that says choose. NYC was fun bit a bit tiring. Japanese books are mostly craft and style. Many good ones. Haven't opened the box yet. Too overwhelmed with my indulgence. I'll tell you if there is something good. Happy rest of the week.

Juliette Crane said...

your journals are so amazing! thank you for the inspiration! glad you had a lovely day off :)