Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hello Again

Hi! I am back. I guess I took a little unplanned breather. 'Been working 10 hour days with yet another infection. I feel a bit worn down, but I have so many things I want to do. I'm sure you know exactly what I mean! I am waiting and wondering if I will need to have more treatments.
And then, Monday, I got the evening of a lifetime. I went with my daughter, (Mia) Michelle, to try on her wedding gown for the first time. What can I say? She looked so beautiful. So grown up. I remember the very first time I held her in my arms. Where did this time go? How could it have gone so quickly?

I remember thinking, when my children were small, "I wonder what they will be like/look like when they are older and taller than me? What will they choose to do when they are adults? Who will they marry? But it seemed so far away and impossible when I was making baby bottles up and rocking them.

And yet here it is. And I couldn't be more sentimental and mooshy than I am now....until Michelle walks down the aisle of course!


Ophelia said...

So, so awesome!!

Jennifer Richardson said...

Hello again,
momma of the bride!
Can only imagine the
emotion you must feel
awash with over the
And praying for you with huge
hope for massive grace
for everything you need.
And for dreams-come-trueness,
as well:)

laundrygirl said...

I look at my own sisters and am amazed at how quickly time has passed. They are grown women but sometimes I see them as two little girls... Time really does fly. Your post was a good reminder to savor all of the little moments that make up a lifetime.

The Quilted Pumpkin / Wild Thyme Threads said...

Oooh, the embellishment on your daughter's wedding dress is beautiful! You will need to share (after the wedding of course!) pics of the bride so we can see what the rest of the dress looks like! Congratulations! ~Laura

Boonie S said...

Lovely post.
Re, “when they are older and taller than me”: I’m older than everyone, yet they’re all taller than me. Life’s so unfair.
Hope you’re soon back to full speed.

All the best, Boonie

Christine said...

Your post went straight to my heart. Wow. Congratulations - to you both. And so true - it's all about enjoying now, time flies. I wish you the best weekend :-) said...

Hi again Kathy..happy to see you back..started to worry about you!
I know exactly what you were feeling when you looked at your sweet Mia.
As you know, my daughter Ashley was married a little over a month ago & back in January when she stepped out of the fitting room in what was to be her wedding dress, I actually had an image flash before me of when she was my sweet little girl; it was one of the most incredible see the years simply flash before you.
When they placed the veil on top of her head..well, that was the first of many mother-of-the-bride moments!!!
One can tell that you share a very special bond & closeness with your daughter.
Enjoy all these moments as they lead you both to one of the most magical days you will ever share.

Take care..

curious girl (lisa) said...

what a moment that must have been! i am so happy for you. and i hope you are feeling well soon!

Lancerika said...

I'm at loss for words..
so very happy for you and
Mia.. merci for sharing these
beautiful life ocassions,
Best Wishes to you:)

beth said... amazing that memory was. i can't wait to see my daughter in a wedding dress.....